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SG Polyfilm™ 8035SF Ultra-soft Foam Tape

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-high compressive performance, can be compressed to over 80%
  2. Ultra-low compressive rebound force
  3. Available with single-sided or double-sided adhesive as needed
  4. Easy to handle and process
  5. Protected by SG patent (No. 202420618145.7)
ultra soft foam tape
As a crucial component of electronic devices, the quality and user experience of touchscreen display modules determine the overall performance of the device. With the rapid iteration and increasing thinness of consumer electronics, the design of internal structures and the requirements for cushioning and sealing are becoming more stringent. Ensuring smooth operation of touch screens and providing sufficient cushioning for display modules is essential for the overall stability and reliability of the device.

To meet the cushioning requirements of display modules and prevent deformation and noise during touch operations, we recommend the SG 8035SF Ultra-soft Foam Single-sided Tape. It offers excellent compressive cushioning performance, meeting the rebound force requirements after compression.

The SG 8035SF is a microporous polymer ultra-soft foam single-sided tape characterized by low density and high compressive rebound force. It provides protective sealing and long-term gap filling in electronic applications. Additionally, it features low permanent deformation, high sealing and cushioning performance, and excellent impact absorption. 


  • SG 8035SF, with its high compression and low rebound characteristics, is widely used in industries such as 3C.
  • It can be used between OLED screens and battery modules to provide cushioning and noise reduction:
  1. When the screen is pressed and deformed, the foam underneath can absorb the noise generated by the screen, thus reducing noise without affecting the screen due to its ultra-low rebound force.
  2. As the battery heats up and expands during use, the foam between the battery and the screen module is compressed. The foam’s ultra-low compressive rebound force allows it to easily absorb the compression caused by battery expansion, thereby preventing any impact on the screen.

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