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TSP Series Silicone Thermal Pad
PolyplateTM TSP Series Silicone thermal pads are cost effective thermal conductive solutions with low compression force, low thermal resistance, ultra-soft performance and high conformability for applications. They are used for filling the air gap between the electronic component and heat sink. They offer high compressibility, tacky surface, softness and flexibility. SG has a range of product options in thermal conductivity from 1.5W/m.k to 17W/m.k.
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Expected Annual Volume

Thermal Pad Working Mechanism

Production Line

Test Method and Equipment

Technology Superiority

High thermal conductivity

 Specialized silicone chemistry provides good electrical insulation

 Precise coating and hot-press molding technology

 Good thermal stability whatever ultra-thin or ultra-thick material

 Rapid and efficient service for making sample and die-cutting

 Instant customization in color, thickness, hardness or thermal conductivity

 Can be laminated with adhesive upon request

 Can be one-sided tacky upon request

Product Superiority

 Instant customization for thickness ( 0.1mm ~~ 15.0 mm) and color

 Special fillers to achieve specific thermal conductivity: 1.5 W/(m.K) ~~ 17 W/(m.K)

 Good electrically insulation, withstand voltage exceed 10(KV/mm), up to 17(KV/mm)

 Offer excellent conformability to cover uneven and rough surfaces

 Easy to fit diversified gap conditions. Avoid hard contact and protect IC chips

 Elastomeric property to provide mechanism balance

 Adhesive or natural self-tacky to stick on heat sink

Product Structure

 Base material: Silicone

 Filler: Boron nitride, Diamond, Aluminum nitride, Aluminum oxide, etc.

 Flame resistance: Metal hydroxide

 Additive: Colorant, Catalyst

 Application Design

Coding Principle

Typical Properties

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