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3D Light Blocking Tape
SG offers a variety of adhesive tapes made of PET, Non-woven, Foam, PI substrates coated with acrylic, silicone, rubber, hot melting, thermal transform adhesive. Available in variety of widths, lengths and release liners for specific needs, designed for special environment in industry, commerce and family applications.
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Expected Annual Volume
SG P/N: SG 50265

◆ Color: Black    

◆ Thickness: total 37um

◆ Optical Density(OD): >6 (ASTM D1003)

◆ Shielding: ≥85dB@750MHz


◆ The shape/3D tape structure can be customized

◆ Light blocking/Grouding/EMI shielding/Insulation——multiple function by choice

◆ Lowest thickness to 30um

◆ Easy assembly,saving 70% labor and increasing cycle time


◆ Light blocking in display module

◆ Shielding in FPC or other module

◆ Insulation

◆ Grounding


What SG offer: One-Stop Design, Processing and Assembly Solution

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