Thermal Materials


Synthetic Graphite is a thin high performance product that can help you with your thermal management challenges.

Major uses:

  • Thermal Management where space constraints create a challenge
  • Thermal Shielding (Thermal Conductivity of 600 - 1750 W/mk)
  • Elimination of Hot Spots

As an industry-leading thermoelectric leader, we design and manufacture some of the world’s highest-rated, thermally conductive materials including a broad range of thermoelectric modules and thermal assemblies for telecom applications, instrumentation, and other applications.

In addition to a wide range of traditional thermal pads, we offer advanced phase change thermal interface materials that soften and conform at operating temperatures to dramatically increase heat removal for more reliable operation.

Polytrois Nano Radiating Films are created when we add a solid nano carbon coating to the surface of a metal foil. The Nano Carbon improves the distribution of the heat evenly across the surface of the material due to the high thermal conductivity of the carbon atoms. Polytrois Nano Radiating films are easy to die cut into customizable shapes with no edging required, so they are an excellent choice for heat spreaders and other thermal management products.