Label Materials


We offer High Temperature labels in a variety of materials that can withstand the harsh Printed Circuit Board manufacturing process. These robust labels can improve your process and reduce your operating costs by identifying your product throughout the manufacturing process.

Polyester (PET) material has excellent rub, scratch, UV and chemical resistance. The material surface is coated to help improve Ink and Adhesive bonding. We can also heat stabalize the PET for those more challenging higher temperature requirements. Polyester is an excellent choice as a label materials due to its clarity, stability, ease of printing and long life span.

Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene(PE) have excellent moisture, chemical, and abrasion resistance. PP/ PE products are top coated to enhance the transparency and gloss levels while maintaining their durability.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags use electromagnetic fields to transfer information through a wireless signal to help manage the movement of a product. We can customize your RFID tags to meet your unique situation and help you manage your production and inventory.

A kind of invisible 2D barcode can be printed with invisible UV ink or Invisible UV ribbon on the label. When the label is exposed to under a UV scanner, the barcode will be scanned.

A strong viscosity PET label with voids in the corners to facilitate authenticity if removed.