EMC Materials


ShielditeTM EM conductive tape is made of low resistance metal or metalized fabric material coated with either acrylic adhesive or conductive acrylic adhesive. The metal material will effect the eddy current under the electromagnetic wave creating an electric discharge. EM Conductive tape works well for EMI shielding and products requiring conductive contacts.

ShielditeTM Non-Supported Conductive Tape is a non-supported conductive pressure sensitive adhesive. This high performance tape is designed primarily for use as an EMI/ RFI shield. Our product can be used as a conductor or for dissipation of electrostatic discharge. This adhesive has high initial strength, high shear properties, strong holding force, good chemical resistance, and extremely low electrical resistance.

Conductive Fabric EMI Tape offer high conductivity and shielding attenuation and are ideal for applications requiring low compression force. The Conductive Fabric profiles are available in a UL 94 V-0 flame retardant version and offer high abrasion and shear resistance. Typical Conductive Fabric EMI Tape applications include shielding or grounding of computer and telecommunications equipment seams and apertures.

ShielditeTM Copper/Alminium Foil is a Copper/Alminium foil with conductive pressure sensitive adhesive coated on the backside. Highly conductive particles in the acrylic adhesive provide a multitude of electrical paths between the application substrate and the surface of the Copper/Alminium foil allowing it to be a good choice as an EMI shielding solution.

ShielditeTM Copper/Alminium Foil Conductive Tape is widely used in the electronics industry for the manufacturing of transformers, motors, coils, capacitors, wiring, and frequency conversion power adapters.

Conductive Foam FIP materials can reduce installed cost of an EMI gasket by up to 60%.
A range of conductive particle technologies combined with thermoset and RTV silicone systems provide a material selection for most opportunities. Multiple filler grades balance material cost versus performance and can provide low cost alternatives for less demanding applications. Conductive Foam corrosion resistant materials inherently provide protection against galvanic activity. They may eliminate the need for nickel or tin plating and or secondary environmental gaskets. Conductive Foam general purpose materials exhibit excellent electrical and mechanical properties on metallic and shielded plastic housings. Conductive Foam silver filled materials provide high shielding and conductivity critical for inter-compartmental shielding.

Absorber elastomer based absorber materials are designed to offer a user friendly approach to the reduction of unwanted electromagnetic radiation from electronic equipment as well as minimize cavity to cavity cross coupling, and microwave cavity resonances. Comprised of a silicone elastomer matrix with ferrous filler material, these materials provide RF absorption performance over a broadband frequency range from 500 MHz to 18 GHz. The materials are offered as sheet stock of various thicknesses with or without pressure sensitive adhesive. They are flexible, and can be easily die-cut for use in empirical testing of absorption solutions. Since both materials have been tested and certified to the UL 94 V-0 flammability standard, they may be used in close quarters with electronic circuitry to reduce unwanted electromagnetic radiation by absorption of signals and reduction of reflections from metallic surfaces. A wide variety of fabricating techniques are available for custom part manufacturing.