Processing Capability


We can follow your assigned material number from 2D drawing, such as silicone material from Doc Corning, Wacker, Shinetsu, Hitachi branding.

We can develop raw material with Silicone, Rubber, also assembly parts with P+R, R+R, R+M.

  • Silicone,we can develop material with high/low temperature resistant from –60oC ~ +250oC.
  • Rubber, we can develop high temperature resistant and chemical reaction material, such as NBR 30-90, FKM 40-80, fireproof material such as CR according to UL94 standard with V-0 class, also NR, CR, PU, EPDM, SBR, IIR, CSM, ACM…
  • L/T of material development period: 2wks
  • Country of Origin: China
Material Name Classification Application field
EPDM Rubber Automotive/household
CR Rubber industry/instrument
SBR Rubber industry/instrument
NBR Rubber Automotive/instrument/industry
HNBR Rubber Industry/ instrument
XNBR Rubber industry/instrument
ACM Rubber Industry/ instrument
FKM Rubber Automotive/industry
IIR Rubber Industry/ instrument
PU Rubber communication/Instrument
NR Rubber Industry/ instrument